Friday, February 17, 2012

I found this super awesome article comparing the covers of past Times magazines. It shows several magazines from different countries that all deal with extremely serious political issues and movements then it shows the pathetic and self-centered  American one.  The real issue is whether or not it reflects on the readers or the journalists which is a question Gershon raises and I thought was very thought provoking so I would love to hear your guys' ideas.  


  1. American's (many, but not all) like to read stuff that makes them feel good. Whether it's a celebrity's drug problem, how to make the best birthday cake, or how they're such good parents, it has to make them feel happy and fuzzy inside. Plus, we don't seem to care too much about the revolutions and other happenings in different countries. Many Americans, including myself, aren't really interested in learning about what's going on overseas. Even though we should be, since we have bases and people stationed all over the place...

  2. The purpose of journalism is to " provide citizens with accurate and reliable information they need to function in a free society." Perhaps journalists feel that American citizens would not be able to function like other countries can if faced with the truth of more important global issues so they provide them with "fluff" in order to fulfill their duties as journalists. In terms of Americans,perhaps they have adopted a Jack Nicholson perspective, "You can't handle the truth."