Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beginning...

I was initially really intimidated by blogging especially with my lack of any experience when it comes to technology but I am starting to enjoy it and appreciate the easiness of it.  When we were talking in class today it also brought the idea to a 180 for me especially in terms of using it in the future.  For our potential students I see this as a great resource, especially in writing classes.  I know that some concerns were raised about the students and their accessibility to the internet outside of school but I find that computer lab time would not be that difficult and overall beneficial to the students.


  1. This whole blogging experience is new to me too Hannah (: At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be any "good" at it but after seeing some examples I realized that there is no set way to do this. It's all just about reflection and personal thought which made it a lot easier for me! It's nice to be able to share ideas and things we've learned with our classmates and other people (:

  2. I understand what you both are saying. I think sometimes people think that technology is more difficult than it really is. Sure it takes some time to set up a blog, but as you both have said it's really just writing and sharing ideas. And I'm glad you see some educational value in it.