Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Dreaded Night Class

I'm in American Lit on Tuesday nights in attempt to catch up from my previous biology life and it is slowly becoming of one of my least dreaded night classes to date.  This past week we discussed Native American Literature and the main reason for none of us really connecting to or understanding it is that it is meant to be performed.  This brought to mind the Shakespeare plays I had to read over the summer for my English classes in high school.  We would eventually go on trips as classes to see plays which made them much more enjoyable but made me think of how important it is to expose your students to all methods of literature.  My professor, in further exploring this topic of better experienced than read, pulled up an example of slam poetry which I had never experienced but was completely enthralled by.  If you want to check it out I put up the link and am fully convinced that Eric Darby is amazing!

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