Friday, April 6, 2012


I just wanted to say something about the excercise we did this week when we picked out quotes from the book and wrote our thoughts on each others papers.  I think this is great for those students who don't necessarily like talking in class but are still able to participate because they know what is going on.  Another application I thought of was for quotes in books or what the charachters meant by it...stuff like that.  T. O. went over it at the end and I thought this was important to give a unifying qualilty to the excercise.  I also thought it was a great switch-up compared to the same old discussions!


  1. I agree that it was very helpful especially for students who don't want to speak out in class. The activity allowed everyone to voice their own opinions without their peers necessarily knowing who wrote what.

  2. I have only done this exercise with informational text...but I think that using this with literature is a terrific idea! And yes, this is a great way for students who aren't necessarily vocal in the classroom to get involved.